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Eliminate waiting for builds and tests by intelligently distributing workloads across local, network, or cloud resources.

  • Fault-tolerant workload distribution using available local, network, or cloud resources
  • Smart load balancing ensures optimal use of cores across the cluster
  • Dynamically provisions and tears down resources in public clouds

Eliminate Long CI Cycles

  • Speed up compile & test cycles by 20x
  • Discover and optimize dependencies between software units
  • Guarantee correctness of software builds
  • Eliminate redundant work through build avoidance

Faster Android/Embedded Systems Builds

  • Shorten AOSP and Linux build times by 20X
  • Cut hardware costs by 60% by creating a private build cloud
  • Guarantee build accuracy

Shorter QA & Security Testing Cycles

  • Improve quality by running more tests more frequently as part of CI cycle
  • “Shift Left” testing activities to find bugs earlier
  • Shorten the time it takes to complete test runs

Rapid Visual Studio/Windows Builds

  • Out of the box support for Visual Studio
  • Build Visualization in Visual Studio
  • Speed up Visual Studio/nmake/cygwin build times by as much as 20X
  • Guarantee build correctness

Migrate Build Clouds to Amazon EC2

  • Easily handle “bursty” loads or migrate build clouds to Amazon EC2
  • Eliminate surprise cloud charges from zombie build or test instances
  • Dynamically provision and tear down ElectricAccelerator agents using Amazon EC2 resources

Accelerate with Containers

  • Overcomes latency issues and high startup costs with creating VMs for each distro.
  • Run builds and tests across a multitude of platforms without having to stand up a VM pool for each Linux distro.
  • Run all ElectricAccelerator components in all types of Docker containers.


Proven to speed up the world’s most complex builds by as much as 20X


Patented technology guarantees correctness, even in the face of incomplete or incorrect dependencies


Intelligently manage build clouds not only across multiple teams but across multiple data centers and clouds
Cost Elimination

Cost Elimination

Significantly reduce dedicated build hardware, greatly increase existing infrastructure utilization, and easily burst to the cloud


Visibility into single build and organization-wide utilization to pinpoint problems and identify bottlenecks

Real Results. Delivered.

“ElectricAccelerator has reduced our Android build times from 5 hours down to 5 minutes!”


– Scott Dunnington, Lead Software Engineer, D3 Engineering



Proven at Enterprise Scale.

faster tests
faster builds
faster builds

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