Like SETI for build/test

Supercharge builds and tests using your teams’
unused CPU capacity. FREE!


Huddle Up!

Agile Development Bottlenecks

Agile bottleneck

Your development team is quick. Agile. Brilliant.
Too bad your build/test cycle is not.


Time for a beer?

Time to Huddle Up!

It’s easy to join a Huddle.

The installation process is simple,
and configuration is a snap!


Peer-to-peer Build Acceleration


Insanely fast build and test acceleration no longer means dedicated enterprise-sized datacenter, power and cooling costs. Huddle taps into teams’ unused CPU capacity to form a virtual build acceleration pool, complete with a high-performance on-demand virtual filesystem.

Accurate, Faster, Builds


Huddle monitors all of your build and test jobs to discover actual dependencies. Huddle uses that information to optimally re-order, parallelize and/or distribute future jobs, reducing your cycle times and improving quality.

Always learning.

Always accelerating.

Thanks, Huddle!

Plug in other tools to your build acceleration solution

Plugs right in

Huddle plugs right in to existing tools and scripts, giving you great visibility and push-button preflight and production builds and tests without modifying your environment.

Power-up your existing tools

  • Build

    GNU make
    Microsoft NMAKE
    Microsoft Visual Studio
    And more

  • Test

    Linting tasks or unit tests
    And more

  • CI and CD

    Atlassian Bamboo
    And more

Build Acceleration Dashboard

It’s All About You

  • A Huddle of One

    Even offline, Huddle users can count on a speedy and correct builds and tests across up to 4 local cores.

  • Sit One Out

    Taking a break to play a video game? Don’t worry, you can opt-out of the huddle to keep your CPUs for yourself.

  • You're #1

    You always get priority access to your own CPU’s. Other team members are put on hold the second you start your own build.

Free Build Acceleration

It’s All About The Huddle

  • Most Valuable Builder

    Huddle tracks and reports the CPU time and effectiveness of everyone in the Huddle. Who will the MVB be this month?

  • Fault-tolerant

    Everyone reboots at some point, potentially interrupting a build job in-flight. Huddle re-assigns incomplete jobs to the next available team member for speedy completion.

Teammates sharing free build acceleration

Accelerate Your Builds and Tests — for FREE!

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What’s Next?

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