DevOps Release Automation

ElectricFlow gives teams a flexible, model-driven approach to software delivery. It automates manual, error-prone builds, tests and deployments, allowing teams to continually reduce the cost and risk of software release.

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ElectricFlow DevOps Release Automation

Model, Automate and Coordinate to bridge the gap between Dev and Ops.


  • Model: Model your applications, environments, pipelines, and releases.  Define your process as code, and enable cross-team reuse and collaboration.
  • Automate: Securely automate and orchestrate commit and deploy pipelines to eliminate manual handoffs, boost productivity, predictability, and quality – at any scale.
  • Coordinate: Promote and track applications and environments in traditional and CD-style pipelines and releases. Assign role-based access control to any object in the system. Segregate duties, track usage, and ensure compliance and auditability.

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Automated, repeatable and model-driven pipelines and releases to reduce risk, cost and cycle time.


Centralized, self-service environment and resource management to operate efficiently and transparently.


Flexible automation and job parallelization reduces build/test cycle time to increase productivity and agility.

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(Runs on VirtualBox)

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Supports your Hybrid Cloud and Container Landscapes

ElectricFlow enables self-service provisioning and consistent environment spin-up across a variety of private and public clouds and container runtimes.  Easily promote workloads across Amazon’s EC2 and Cluster Service, Azure, Docker, Google’s Cloud Platform and Container Engine, Kubernetes, OpenStack, and VMWare without editing scripts or learning additional commands.

Works with the Tools you already use

Easily “plugin” your existing tools and scripts into a single powerful layer of governance, reporting and control. Leverage our library of off-the-shelf plugins or dig into our Groovy-based DSL, CLI or APIs to gain programmatic control over legacy tools, resources and processes.

End-to-end Release Pipelines

Intuitive, reusable Pipeline Models allow you to define your end-to-end software delivery process – encompassing all the teams, tools, stages, tasks, approval gates, artifacts and environments. Streamline handoffs between teams for an optimized, efficient path to production.



Family-Search journey with DevOps Automation
ElectricFlow allows us to dynamically create additional procedures based upon the project you are trying to build — essentially allowing us to automate our automation. - Bob Hartley, Development Manager, FamilySearch

Rolling Deployments

Push-button, native support for advanced deployment patterns (rolling/blue-green/canary) provides a simple, powerful, low-risk way to achieve zero-downtime rollouts to large numbers of endpoints.


General Electric improved our IT infrastructure utilization by more than 75% with ElectricFlow. - S Arora, GE

Secure Access

Flexible, role-based approvals and access controls allow you to define granular entitlements for actions, applications and environments. Plugs in to existing LDAP or AD systems to simplify the enforcement of enterprise security policy and entitlements.

ElectricFlow Release helps us know exactly what software is installed where, and how it got there. This reduces the risk of releasing the wrong version of the software to the wrong environment. - Marc Priolo, Software Configuration Manager, Urban Science

Share Artifacts

Store and manage libraries, binaries and other shared objects once using a built-in repository or through pre-built integrations with well-known repositories like Artifactory or Nexus. Pre-stage artifacts during deployments to accelerate releases and minimize downtime.

Scale up safely and easily

Predictably orchestrate any volume of pipelines simultaneously and efficiently across pools of public, private or static resource. Clustered, fault-tolerant active/active server configurations. “Scale-out” to manage any volume of parallel processes and tasks.



Reduce. Reuse. De-risk! SmartDeploy detects drift between what is about to be deployed and what is already deployed to an environment, and then automatically deploys only what has changed. This significantly reduces the risk associated with deployments as well as improves deployment time.

Environment Calendar and Reservations

Increase visibility and reduce the chance for cross-team conflict during deployments using a rich calendar view. This allows users to reserve environments for applications, pipelines and releases; define black-out/maintenance windows; and, offer policy-driven prioritization and conflict handling.

Define your "Process as code"

ElectricFlow provides a Groovy-based domain specific language (DSL) that allows you to define your automation processes as high-level code that is versionable, testable, reusable and refactorable.

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Download the Community Edition

(Runs on VirtualBox)

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