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Deployment Automation Release Orchestration DevOps Insights Unified Platform

Predictably deploy any application to any environment at any scale

Microservices and Container Orchestration

Build, deploy and track microservices releases across any container runtime environments at the touch of a button.

Environments On-Demand

Define, provision and de-commission appropriately configured environments on any public or private cloud.

Reusable components

Save time and drive standards by promoting a library of common, reusable application components.

Smart Deploy

Detects drift between current and new content and automatically deploys only what has changed to reduce risk and save time.

Automated Roll-back

Eliminate the need to create complex rollback scripts by maintaining environment inventory and tracking processes and artifact versions as part of each deployment.

Advanced deployment strategies

Out of the box support for Rolling, Blue/Green, and Canary deployments allows zero downtime with no heavy scripting or configuration.

Manage release pipelines and dependencies across all your teams, DevOps tools, and environments

Pipeline Orchestration

Integrate and orchestrate all your tools, teams and processes to ensure fast, consistent, and compliant promotion of releases across stages. Now with optional Kanban View!

Release Visibility

Collect, centrally manage and visualize information about releases from multiple teams across shared environments to identify resource and scheduling conflicts.

Approval Gates

Manual or automated approval gates speed releases through the pipeline in a managed and auditable way.

Planned vs. Actual

Track progress and identify bottlenecks with planned vs actual views and details on automated and manual activities, including waiting time.

Environment Inventory

Easily track and identify drift between environments. Ensure compliance with patch and security updates.

Environment Reservation

Give teams guaranteed, shared access to resources with built-in support for reservations, calendaring and blackout/maintenance windows.

A comprehensive new way to plan, schedule, and track releases

Continuous Integration Dashboard

Data-driven visibility into CI processes and bottlenecks for a clear understanding of builds from within the release pipeline. Works with all CI tools, including Jenkins, Bamboo and Git, and replaces difficult, extensive custom coding in tools like Hygeia.

Release Command Center Dashboard

Get a bird’s eye view of release status, milestone dates, dependencies, pending approvals, test results, progress, environments and teams involved.

Releases Dashboard

Measure and track status, efficiency and risk for pipelines and releases.

Deployment Dashboard

Gain a real-time and historical view into deployment success/failure, frequency, throughput, and duration.

Microservices Dashboard

View key metrics specific to microservice deployments including insight into deployment throughput, success rates, cluster utilization, and more.

Automatic Data Collection

Collect and review release-relevant metrics from any tool in the DevOps toolchain without requiring manual scraping or spreadsheet analysis.

Customizable Reporting

Extensible reporting object model enables analytics on any DevOps KPIs.

Eliminate silos and reduce management overhead with a scalable, secure and centralized platform.

Model-Based Automation

Replace brittle scripts with powerful, reusable abstract models. Enable predictable, repeatable deployments for any workload to any environment.

Process as Code / DSL

Onboard applications quickly and define pipelines and releases using a Groovy-based domain specific language (DSL) for automation that is that is versionable, testable, reusable and refactorable.

Self-Service Catalog

Out of the box and customizable library of approved automation accelerates DevOps adoption. Promotes best practices and consistency across the organization.

Plugins / Integrations

Enterprise-supported plugins add a layer of automation and governance to the tools you already use.

Audit and Compliance Reporting

Role-based access control, automatic or manual approvals and built-in tracking for every pipeline change and run simplifies governance.

Agent-based Architecture

Impenetrable Agent-based architecture and communication provides unparalleled scalability, fault tolerance and security

Enterprise Scalability

Unlimited clustering architecture and efficient processing guarantees high availability and low-latency for thousands of concurrent deployments.

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