Eliminate Release Anxiety


Deployment Automation Release Orchestration DevOps Insights Unified Platform

Predictably deploy any application to any environment at any scale

Microservices and Container Orchestration

Build, deploy and track microservices releases across any container runtime environments at the touch of a button.

Environments On-Demand

Define, provision and de-commission appropriately configured environments on any public or private cloud.

Reusable components

Save time and drive standards by promoting a library of common, reusable application components.

Smart Deploy

Detects drift between current and new content and automatically deploys only what has changed to reduce risk and save time.

Automated Roll-back

Eliminate the need to create complex rollback scripts by maintaining environment inventory and tracking processes and artifact versions as part of each deployment.

Advanced deployment strategies

Out of the box support for Rolling, Blue/Green, and Canary deployments allows zero downtime with no heavy scripting or configuration.

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