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Continuous Delivery Transformation

Switching on Continuous Delivery is a lot easier when working with an experienced partner.

Electric Cloud has been helping organizations automate and accelerate software delivery for over a decade.


Powering Continuous Delivery

No matter the complexity or size of the underlying software development environment, our proven transformation services and enterprise deployment model can help you deliver better software, faster.

Get started with Continuous Delivery
Getting to Continuous Delivery requires more than product, it requires a new way of working — which can sometimes feel impossible to achieve. That’s where we come in. - Laurent Rochette, CD Success Advocate, Electric Cloud
Continuous Delivery maturity model

A Fitness Model for Continuous Delivery

Electric Cloud has developed a fitness model to provide a framework that measures an organizations’ readiness for continuous delivery along three axes — people, process and technology. The correct alignment of these three axes, relative to an organizations release frequency goals, sets the stage for a successful software delivery strategy. The model is designed to help organizations assess their existing capabilities and lay out a path for adoption of continuous software delivery.

The Critical Pieces for Continuous Delivery Success


  • People

    Achieving CD means first creating a DevOps culture full of cross-team collaboration and shared goals. We help you get everyone on-board!
  • Process

    Everyone starts with their own unique process. CD works best when your processes follow proven, best-practice patterns. We show you the way!
  • Technologies

    You can’t get to CD without Automation. Codify your manual processes and make your processes repeatable, predictable and visible. We make it happen!
70 percent of software deployments take more than a day — some require weeks or months — and more than half having missed application release dates due to deployment issues. Businesses need help to guide, simplify and accelerate their path to DevOps and CD. - Electric Cloud Survey, "Dev and IT professionals" July 2012

It Takes a Village

DevOps and Continuous Delivery are equal parts art, and science. As with any other practice, community, repetition and experimentation brings advances that benefits everyone. We have brought together a consortium of experts – including luminaries like Gene Kim and Gary Gruver, as well as technology partners like Rally Software, Perforce, Parasoft, Chef, AppDynamics, Wind River and Siemens PLM – to help advance the practice of DevOps and Continuous Delivery.

Continuous Delivery is a Team Sport
Gene Kim DevOps
I am excited to be a part of this industry-wide effort to elevate the state of the practice, and thank Electric Cloud and their partners for helping accelerate the adoption of DevOps practices. - Gene Kim, DeOps researcher, co-author of "The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win”

An Agile approach to achieving Continuous Improvement

Where is the biggest software production bottleneck? Build? Test? Production deployment? Powering up your software pipeline takes time. We help you solve your biggest problems, first – and have helped organizations to identify the quickest wins to push through the slowdown and leave your team in great shape to tackle the next.

1. Transform:Culture

We work with clients to identify and align stakeholders (dev, test, release, deploy and operations) so we all start with a shared vision for success. We then leverage our standard CD Fitness Model to deliver a report assessing organizational readiness to adopt CD and set the stage for a phased change management strategy.

2. Transform:Planning

You can’t get to a destination without knowing where you are, and a solid plan. Our process starts with a Health Check to determine existing processes, tool chains, automations, resources, cross-functional team collaboration, and multi-national team collaboration. We then deliver a multi-phase plan, which generally includes implementation, training, and deployment.

3. Transform:Execution

With a solid foundation of shared vision and an agreed-upon plan, the transformation can begin. Our experienced architects and practitioners work alongside of your team members to execute the plan. Just-in-time product training is delivered as needed, and regular reports help track progress against milestones.

Gary Gruver DevOps and Continuous Delivery at Macy's
People not practicing Continuous Delivery often doubt it can work. Once they’ve developed in this type of environment they can’t imagine ever going back. - Gary Gruver, Agile Leader and Co-author: “Large Scale Agile Development”

Additional Services

In addition to our Continuous Delivery Transformation Services, Electric Cloud offers a range of on-site professional services and training courses to speed your implementation and ensure your success.

Staff Augmentation

Short handed, or need a little extra help? Add an Electric Cloud staff member to your team to automate your complex build/test/deploy processes.

Product Training

New members on the team? Or need help learning about our newest product features? Join us at one of our regularly scheduled, standard public trainings. Or, bring us on-site for a custom training course and choose from over 60 modules covering topics across a wide spectrum of disciplines and practices.

The two biggest barriers to Continuous Delivery adoption are lack of time and problems with company culture, such as insufficient collaboration and DevOps practices. - DZone, Continuous Delivery Research Report, April 2014

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