Resources: Datasheets & Documentation

ElectricFlow Product Overview

ElectricFlow is the industry’s first unified Application Release Orchestration platform for DevOps and Continuous Delivery built for enterprise scale and designed to automate the software development lifecycle through building, testing and deployment.

Product Videos

Watch these short demo videos of key capabilities of ElectricFlow to learn about the power of the platform.

Training Videos

Check out the technical training videos to learn how to create a workflow in ElectricCommander, troubleshoot a failed build with ElectricAccelerator, configure SCM, and more.

Product Documentation

Check out the User Guide, Installation Guide, Release Notes and other detailed documentation for Electric Cloud’s products.

ElectricAccelerator Datasheet

ElectricAccelerator® is a build and test acceleration platform for make- based, Android AOSP, Embedded Linux, BitBake, and Visual Studio build environments that intelligently and automatically parallelizes software tasks across clusters of physical or cloud CPUs to dramatically lower build and test cycle times.