Resources: Video & Webinars

Getting to Cloud Nine

Container, Cloud and Serverless Migration Strategies

The cloud has become essential to digital transformation by delivering on the promise of limitless scalability and instant availability, at a considerable cost savings.

10 Do’s for DevOps: Technical Practices with Gene Kim

Charting a course for DevOps success isn’t just about transforming culture and processes – it’s about technology too! The good news? DevOps technical practices are things you can start doing now to kick your transformation into high gear. Join Gene Kim and Anders Wallgren as they share 10 key technical practices for DevOps that will help you scale CI/CD, modernize traditional releases, and release faster.

ElectricFlow Demo Video

Watch this 6-minute demo video to see how ElectricFlow makes painful releases a thing of the past. Integrate all your disconnected tools, easily manage automated or manual based release processes with reusable template based release pipelines, onboard teams and projects quickly with a comprehensive DevOps self-service catalog, and support all your teams – whether they’re doing cloud-native and Kubernetes or traditional and legacy.


Upskilling: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report Results!

In late 2018, the DevOps Institute fielded the first ever Upskilling: Enterprise DevOps Skills Survey in an attempt to provide data driven clarity over which skills are considered to be critical to successful transformation. Over 1600 individuals participated in this important research project by responding to the survey, and we are excited to share the results with you!

ElectricFlow Winter 2019 - Choose Your Own DevOps

ElectricFlow Winter ‘19 Release: Choose Your Own DevOps

In this release, we double down on DevOps Your Way with product updates and features that improve day-to-day efficiency with a platform that is more user-friendly and personalized.

New features included in the ElectricFlow Winter ’19 release include: Persona Based Views, My Work, Improved Release and Pipeline Triggers, Improved SSO Support, and Value Stream Mapping Playback.

ElectricAccelerator: Buying More Time

Time and the ability to iterate are two key building blocks of innovation. While you may not be able to buy back lost time, organizations like Cisco, Samsung and Qualcomm use ElectricAccelerator to buy time for more iterations. In December 2018 alone, just 21 of our customers saved over 2 MILLION hours of developer time on nearly 300,000 builds. Our latest release, ElectricAccelerator v11, makes it easier to save even more time.

The 7 Deadly Diseases of DevOps

The 1982 best-selling book “Out of the Crisis,” introduced the world to ‘The Seven Deadly Diseases’, a list of the most serious barriers to success management faced within an organization. Years later, software is eating the world – and businesses are scrambling to keep up. With DevOps reaching the 10-year milestone, it’s time for a checkup!

Continuous Compliance and DevSecOps in Times of GDPR, HIPAA and SOX

Compliance with security and regulatory requirements is critical, but enforcing security at the end of the cycle wastes time and adds days or weeks to the release schedule.

Join this webinar to learn the best practices on breaking through the feature backlog by making security the path of least resistance for your software delivery process.

The 12 Days of DevOps

The frenzy of the holiday season brings many things, from presents to lights and for some, eight crazy nights. But for DevOps leaders, practitioners, and those outside doing a little window shopping, wouldn’t it be great if you could get access to a list of expert DevOps tips and tricks that belong on every CTO’s holiday wish list?

ElectricFlow 8.5 Webinar

ElectricFlow 8.5 is the latest release of our unified Continuous Delivery and Adaptive Release Orchestration platform. It’s full of new features and product updates like Kanban Pipeline View, Unified Tagging, and native Continuous Integration dashboard that will give you better visibility and control of your software releases and delivery pipelines.

Doing Cloud Right

Did you know organizations that “do cloud right” are 23 times more likely to be elite DevOps performers?

Watch this insightful webinar as Jez Humble (DORA CTO, Author) and Anders Wallgren (Electric Cloud CTO) deep dive into the recent 2018 State of DevOps Report, discuss the 5 key cloud practices, and share how the right approaches to release orchestration will help you “do cloud right” and become an elite performer!

Beyond the Script-Apocalypse

Today’s “low-code/no-code” application development approaches are an efficient way to satisfy the relentless demand for more software, faster. Yet, most teams continue wrestling with the decades-old high-maintenance, script-based approach.

Hear experts from Electric Cloud and Tricentis discuss a model-based approach to Pipelines and Testing that helps you eliminate brittle scripts and enjoy more flexibility and agility with better visibility and test coverage.

Surviving the Script-Apocalypse

Did you know the average age of the top four banks is 175 years old? And those four banks are the end result of merging or acquiring 35 separate companies over the last 40 years? This means lots of different cultures, tech stacks, apps, processes, and controls – and SCRIPTS!!

Join Chris Nowak and Avantika Mathur as they share hard-won lessons and emerging patterns in DevOps and release orchestration that can help regulated organizations climb out of their scripting hole.

Bridging The Gap Between Dev and Ops with Gene Kim

Often, the cultural and organizational mismatch between Dev and Ops teams puts transformation success at risk, and generates a constant state of “release anxiety.”

Join Gene Kim and learn top lessons and concrete tip for bridging the gap between Dev and Ops. Increase delivery velocity, while also improving quality, security and auditability at large-scale organizations.

DevSecOps: You Build It, You Secure It – Featuring John Willis

It’s 30 times cheaper to fix a security defect in Development vs. Production, yet Security is often treated as an afterthought and a bottleneck.

Join John Willis and Anders Wallgren as they share tips to allow developers and operators to increase delivery velocity and harden their pipelines by including security earlier in the delivery process.


Effective Pipeline Architecture: Patterns for DevOps Success

Like the architecture of your app, the architecture of your pipeline itself has a huge impact on your DevOps efforts and delivery success. This webinar covers 5 key principles and proven patterns for designing your pipeline and processes to enable effective DevOps, at any scale.

3 Critical Keys to DevOps Success: Lessons from Forrester Research & Electric Cloud Customers Intel, NetEnt and Somos

– Learn how NetEnt transformed their deployments and went from an 18-months process to under 2 weeks
– Learn how Somos decomposed their application into microservices
– Learn how Intel drives DevOps with a self-service QA & test automation repository.

From Measurement to Insight: Putting DevOps Metrics To Work

Join Anders Wallgren, CTO of Electric Cloud and Dr. Nicole Forsgren, CEO and Chief Scientist of DORA, as they discuss why DevOps and Agile are important to any technology-driven organization ; Key metrics to track along your DevOps journey and your pipeline – and how they relate to the business ; and how data-driven decisions can guide continuous improvement efforts

EMA: Ten Priorities for Hybrid Cloud, Containers and DevOps in 2017

EMA recently named Electric Cloud ElectricFlow as a “Top 3” for DevOps Automation in their research report entitled, “Ten Priorities for Hybrid Cloud, Containers and DevOps in 2017.” Watch the webinar to discover the report findings and learn tips for overcoming the challenges of DevOps and Continuous Delivery at scale.

Get Loose! Microservices and Loosely Coupled Architectures – Featuring Jez Humble

Jez Humble and Anders Wallgren review the results of the 2017 State of DevOps Report and discuss how the right architecture helps teams achieve Continuous Delivery. They share tips for enabling “hybrid” monolithic + microservices pipelines; Strategies to coordinate, integrate, test, deploy, and release hybrid apps safely; and ideas to future-proof your delivery pipelines.

Shift Left Performance Architecture Validation and Automated Self-Healing with ElectricFlow and Dynatrace

Dynatrace and Electric Cloud have partnered up to bring tight integrations to your CI/CD and release pipelines. Now, if a deployment makes it into production but shows problems, the integrations allow to trigger an automatic rollback or other actions to make sure the system can self-heal. Watch this webinar to learn how.

NetEnt: Delivering Better Gaming, Faster!

NetEnt is a premium supplier of digitally distributed gaming systems used by some of the world’s most successful online gaming operators. As the number of games in their portfolio increased, NetEnt found it difficult to keep up with the pace of valuable updates coming out of their agile Development organization. In this short webinar, NetEnt discusses their environment and the challenges they overcame along their journey to Continuous Delivery.

Juniper’s Journey to Continuous Delivery

Juniper Networks’ 8000+ employees have been delivering market-leading networking equipment and services on top of their software and embedded chips for over 20 years. Learn how Juniper has virtualized build resources without slowing overall performance, reduced CI cycle time by 20X, and changed their branching policy to streamline delivery.

Diving Deeper into DevOps Deployments – Featuring Gene Kim

Gene Kim and Anders Wallgren share tips for overcoming the challenges of DevOps and Continuous Delivery at scale, and how automated deployments tie to DevOps success. They discuss how to eliminate “deployment anxiety” and increase business agility, lessons learned from large scale DevOps transformations, and more.

Introducing ElectricFlow 7.2

In under 15 minutes, you’ll learn how ElectricFlow provides improved speed, efficiency and flexibility – from product adoption to running a release.

From Monolith to Microservices- and Beyond!

What’s required to take advantage of Microservices? Learn how to decompose your monolithic application, overcome challenges, and effectively scale microservices.

From 4 Hours to 4 Minutes: Insane CI Acceleration with ElectricAccelerator for KLA-Tencor’s “Continuous Build” initiative

Learn about KLA Tencor’s journey to implementing “Continuous Builds” with ElectricAccelerator – providing instantaneous feedback about broken builds & regressions to developers and reducing CI cycle time.

Dashboards for DevOps: Measuring the Metrics that Matter

Learn how easy it is to expose metrics that allow teams to predict production release and deployment success rates, leverage CI/CD metrics to give teams confidence in application updates, and troubleshoot and optimize the end-to-end DevOps pipeline with a consolidated view into the entire release pipeline to identify potential bottlenecks.

DevOps Enterprise Summit 2016 (DOES16)

DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) is THE event for people who are bringing Lean principles into the IT value stream while building DevOps and Continuous Delivery into their organization. The 3 days conference, founded by Electric Cloud and Gene Kim of IT revolution took place November 7-9 in San Francisco. Watch all the keynotes, breakout talks, Electric Cloud’s track and speaker interviews.

Agile Transformation Meets DevOps Release Automation

Agile gets pigeonholed in the Dev and Test stages of the software delivery pipeline. They rarely culminate into faster releases and value delivery to customers on the production side. Discover the keys to a successful Agile and DevOps Transformation and how to build on and continue your transformation all the way into production environments for an efficient end-to-end delivery of software releases.

Insanely Fast Android Builds – from 5 hours to 3 minutes at D3 Engineering

As D3’s Android code base grew, they began running into long CI cycle times – which impacted developer productivity and created feedback latency.  Distributing the build using gmake accelerated the build, but left them with broken builds. Watch this video to learn how D3 used a scalable build accelerator to build faster, accelerate CI cycles and eliminate broken builds for Google Android.

Top 5 Things You Need to Know When Selecting a DevOps Release Management Solution

Featuring Ovum Research.

Adopting DevOps is a journey, and for many organizations the journey has just begun. Join Michael Azoff, Principal Analyst, Software Solutions at Ovum and Anders Wallgren CTO of Electric Cloud as they discussed DevOps Release Automation, the state of the market and the requirements needed when looking for today’s solutions.

Beyond Vision: Implementing Continuous Delivery

Urban Science is an automotive retail performance expert that serves nearly every automotive OEM in over 70 countries to increase market share and improve profitability. This webinar discusses how Urban Science implemented Continuous Delivery to speed up critical software rollouts to their clients and improve test coverage and resource utilization.

Where’s the Heat? Top DevOps Use Cases in 2016 – Featuring Forrester

Join Forrester Analyst Amy DeMartine, Electric Cloud GM & VP of Deployment Solutions Wesley Pullen & Editor-in-Chief Alan Shimel as they discuss the state of the market and the critical capabilities organizations must have to accelerate their DevOps initiatives.

Learning ElectricFlow DSL

Introduction to the ElectricFlow DSL (Domain Specific Language). Learn key features and syntax style (in Groovy), mapping of API and DSL objects, DSL samples, tips and tricks, and more

Dev-Test-Ops – Complex Test Automation at Intel

Join Intel and Electric Cloud to discuss Intel’s ongoing journey to increase their software quality. Learn how Intel are able to build and test any version of their software on any combination of hardware on-demand, and how they increase test coverage and detect errors quickly helps Intel optimize for quality.

ElectricFlow DSL: How to Change your CI Process

This webinar introduces you to the concept of Process as Code, the new Domain Specific Language (DSL) for ElectricFlow and how
automating-the-automation transforms software delivery.

DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015 (DOES15)

DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) is THE event for people who are bringing Lean principles into the IT value stream while building DevOps and Continuous Delivery into their organization. The 3 days conference, hosted by Electric Cloud and Gene Kim of IT revolution took place October 19-21 in San Francisco. Watch all the keynotes, breakout talks and speaker interviews.

Turbocharge your Continuous Delivery with Test Automation

Join 3QiLabs and Electric Cloud to learn how a single, predictable path to production helps eliminate risk and lower the unit cost of release, how test automation helps detect more errors more quickly to help developers optimize quality, and how open source libraries like Appium, Selenium WebDriver and Cucumber can be used to perform for cross-browser & mobile test automation.

Win the IoT Race with Multi-Domain Continuous Delivery – Featuring Siemens and Polarion

Differentiation of embedded products now mostly occurs with the software of the device: frequency of updates, internet connectivity, autonomous behavior, data collection and data aggregation. Watch this webinar to learn what multi-domain Continuous Delivery is and how it can be a game-changer for embedded device manufacturers as they move into the world of IoT.

Continuous Dockery: Integrate Docker as Part of your Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Learn how to tie together all of your existing tools to repeatedly deploy high quality applications using Docker, common use cases and patterns for incorporating Docker in your software delivery pipeline, and how you can centrally manage multiple containers across environments and report on their build, test and runtime stats.

Deliver IoT Faster with Accelerated Build/Test

Join Curt Schwaderer from OpenSystems Media and Electric Cloud to learn how you can accelerate your continuous integration cycles and deliver products faster than ever before.

Application Release Automation: Understanding the Needs for Modern Service Delivery

Featuring: Forrester Research

Join Amy DeMartine, Sr. Analyst at Forrester research and Rohit (RJ) Jainendra, Chief Product Officer at Electric Cloud, as they discuss how ARA solutions eliminate error-prone manual work, decrease risk and increase uptime, the critical features required from an ARA solution.

From DevOps to Dev-Test-Ops- Automate Your End-to-End Software Pipeline

Join Electric Cloud and Tricentis as we demonstrate proven techniques to ensure your software quality by automating more of your end-to-end software development lifecycle, including testing.

Continuous Discussions (#c9d9)

An open forum to discuss Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery.
c9d9 is held as a bi-weekly online panel, using Google Hangout, with each episode focusing on a different topic and featuring different speakers and practitioners from the community, who share their experiences and tips for accelerating software delivery.

Cloud Dynamic Environments- Automated Deployment

ARA & Cloud Resources Go Together Like ‘Peas and Carrots’

Learn how ElectricFlow provides seamless integration with leading cloud platforms and reduces the level of knowledge and effort required to define, provision, and manage cloud resources on AWS EC2 and OpenStack as part of an automated application deploy.

Scaling DevOps and Continuous Delivery – Featuring Gene Kim

Join Gene Kim, CTO, researcher and author of the best selling book “The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win” and Anders Wallgren, CTO of Electric Cloud as they share their tips for overcoming the challenges of DevOps and Continuous Delivery at scale.

Application Release Automation (ARA) at Scale – Featuring Forrester & Center for Medicare & Medicaid

Join Forrester Research’s Amy DeMartine and Center for Medicare & Medicaid/Lockheed Martin’s Mike Hamrick and Electric Cloud as we discuss ARA at scale.

Consistently Achieve Higher Quality with Application Release Automation (ARA)

Featuring Polarion

IT organizations face increasing demands to eliminate error and shrink deployment windows, while increasing application deployment frequency. Learn how, by adopting an appropriate culture, process standards and ARA tools, consistent and accurate releases can be achieved.


Agile, Continuous Practices and DevOps: How Far Can You Go in Embedded Software Development?

Featuring Wind River

Learn how some IT trends are being applied in Embedded, the unique challenges embedded developers face, some of the strategies used to evolve embedded development practices, and some of the rewards for doing so.

Deliver Secure Software Faster

Featuring Rogue Wave

Learn how static analysis eliminates security threats and quality issues, how acceleration enables more testing as part of your CI flow and how errors are quickly detected and quality is optimized.

Huawei’s Continuous Delivery Transformation Journey

Huawei is a $40B company delivering communications technologies for telecom carriers. Learn about Huawei’s CD and DevOps implementation – a centralized, shared cloud service used by 2K developers (scaling to support 40,000, with over 1,000 applications), 100K compiles and 1M test cases per day. 

Orchestrating All The Tools

This talk was given at the 2014 DevOps Enterprise Summit (#DOES14)

ElectricFlow is a powerful orchestration system used to manage software delivery processes at enterprise scale.  In this talk, Tanay Nagee demonstrates how ElectricFlow enables end-to-end pipelines that seamlessly orchestrate third-party tools, high-level dashboards used to quickly pinpoint problem areas and drill-down capabilities to easily troubleshoot and debug issues.

DevOps in the Telco Enterprise: Legacy Code, Regulations and Automating Everything (Talk by CenturyLink)

This talk was given at the 2014 DevOps Enterprise Summit (#DOES14)

DiscoverWhat are some of the common challenges implementing DevOps in an existing enterprise and how CenturyLink transformed the build/test/installation/deployment from a process with many manual steps to a trigger-based automated process.

Vision Versus Execution – Implementing Continuous Delivery (Talk by Urban Science)

This talk was given at the 2014 DevOps Enterprise Summit (#DOES14)

Urban Science supports dozens of products branched dozens of times. Deployments were completely manual, prone to error, hard to schedule, and not truly repeatable. Learn about Urban Science’s journey to “Automating Everything” on their path to Continuous Delivery.

Development Velocity – Single Track or CI – Pick Two (Talk by Ericsson)

This talk was given at the 2014 DevOps Enterprise Summit (#DOES14)

CI is problematic for large, follow-the-sun, single-track development projects. Learn how Ericsson does it to support >1000 developers in locations all over the world, 70,000 files code-base, which builds more that 10 target platforms, and with a single track of “Latest Stable Version” branch with as many as 200 commits per day.

Build Time Reduction Using ElectricAccelerator at Emulex

This talk was given at the 2014 DevOps Enterprise Summit (#DOES14)

Learn how Emulex was able to deliver software updates on the same day, how to get a significant reduction in software build time and a consistent increase in software builds, and how to deliver software packages to internal/external customers more quickly.

Continuous Engineering Productivity Improvements (Talk by Motorola Solutions)

This talk was given at the 2014 DevOps Enterprise Summit (#DOES14)

This session shares the transformation of SW development cycle over the past few years at Motorola Solutions Inc. that has immensely helped the product teams meet the ever growing demands of their release schedules.

Our Story on Get to Market Faster” (Talk by Dell SecureWork)

This talk was given at the 2014 DevOps Enterprise Summit (#DOES14)

In order to respond quickly to the market and and provide clients with better overall protection from security threats Dell SecureWorks infused DevOps into the company’s culture and harnessed the power of automation to enable them to achieve faster delivery.

Deploying CI as a Service with ElectricFlow (Talk by HP)

This talk was given at the 2014 DevOps Enterprise Summit (#DOES14)

In this talk, you will get the step-by-step blueprint for implementing CI-as-a-Service in your organization on a large scale. You will learn how deploying CI allows users to create base line artifacts, Common procedures to make changes to systems, and more.

Application Release Automation is Essential for DevOps

This talk was given at the 2014 DevOps Enterprise Summit (#DOES14)

In this talk, you will learn how fast, self-service and push-button deployments empower all team members; Model-driven Apps and Environments promote consistency and allows reuse; Predictable deployment processes eliminate errors, and allow fail-safe rollbacks, and more.

Test Acceleration with ElectricAccelerator

This talk was given at the 2014 DevOps Enterprise Summit (#DOES14)

The #1 reason for software faults is insufficient testing. By using ElectricAccelerator to accelerate test automation, we remove both the excuse to cut corners, as well the hurdles to achieve truly Agile CI and Continuous Delivery. In this session we explain and demonstrate some techniques you can use to accelerate automated testing.

Best Practices to Shorten Your Build and Test Cycles with ElectricAccelerator

This talk was given at the 2014 DevOps Enterprise Summit (#DOES14)

Targeted at ElectricAccelerator users, this talk covers tips for how to use ElectricAccelerator cluster to do things other than make-based builds; optimized networking and fault-tolerant architecture; File-system virtualization technology (EFS); How to efficiently share the compute infrastructure among all processes; and more.

Best Practices for Automating Continuous Delivery with ElectricCommander

This talk was given at the 2014 DevOps Enterprise Summit (#DOES14)

Targeted at current users of ElectricCommander, this talk covers best practices for automating Continuous Delivery with the Commander platform.

DevOps Enterprise 2014 Keynote Videos

For those of you that couldn’t join us at DOES14, we had a stellar lineup of speakers on our main stage. Here what Gene Kim, Target, Netflix, GE, Macy’s and others had to say about implementing and scaling DevOps and Continuous Delivery in the enterprise.


ARA Webinar

Safe and Sane Deploys: Targeted Artifact Selection in ARA with ElectricFlow

From QA to Prod, every deploy in your Continuous Delivery lifecycle is important. With ElectricFlow Deploy there are various options for deploying targeted artifact versions to reduce the overall complexity and disaster potential of any deploy. Learn best practices for deploying any artifact to any environment.

Accelerate Unit Testing, Code Coverage, Static Analysis & More with ElectricAccelerator

ElectricAccelerator is a powerful solution that distributes work across a cluster to maximize resource utilization. This webinar walks us through the steps required accelerate unit tests, code coverage, static analysis and more.

Using the ElectricFlow REST API

Learn key functionality and common use cases using ElectricFlow’s Rest API, including: How to access the native REST interface; use REST to create new jobs or report on finished jobs; integrate common tools in your pipeline to achieve centralized management and orchestration, and more.

ElectricFlow – Deploy: Application Release Automation at Enterprise-Scale

Join us for a demo of the new features in ElectricFlow Deploy, including Model-driven deployments to provide predictable and repeatable deployments across multiple environments, powerful environment management and reporting, high availability and horizontal scalability, and more.

Making CD Safe For Ops: Introducing Monitoring Earlier in the Agile Cycle

Are your developers Agile, creating more frequent releases? Are your Ops teams nervous, worried about performance issues being introduced into production? Learn best practices for Dev & Ops to gain predictability and reliability, eliminate performance problems, improve quality and increase Ops’ confidence in application updates.

Continuous Delivery for the Automotive Industry

Delivering the “Smarts” to the Smart Car

The latest stream of recalls highlights the testing, verification and software updates requirements that connected cars put on the automotive industry. Learn how Electric Cloud and Arynga accelerate Agile testing to improve quality of verification and validation, enable secure and efficient management of OTA updates at scale, and more.

IoT, Industry 4.0 and the Rise of Multi-Domain Continuous Delivery

Featuring CIMdata and Siemens PLM.
Learn how digitalization changes the product development landscape, and how Multi-domain Continuous Delivery helps accelerate innovation and product delivery.

Electrify Your Static Analysis To Accelerate Continuous Integration

Static analysis testing is key to delivering better software faster for highly regulated industries such as automotive, medical, and defense. However, this critical step is often introduced too late in the process. Join Electric Cloud and Parasoft as we demonstrate a predictable way to ensure software quality earlier in the software development lifecycle.

Automotive software

Protecting Your Car: Increasing Auto Software Security

What’s the impact of the increased connectivity in automotive? Is it possible for a security hole or rogue application on your cell phone to get into the power train in your car? What are the critical software security issues, best practices and mitigation techniques automotive developers need to know?

An Agile Approach To Achieving Continuous Delivery

Despite a teams best intentions and efforts, many struggle with software that arrives late, is of poor quality or simply fails to meet the needs of its users. Recently some organizations have adopted a fundamentally different approach, and it’s working! What has changed? Why does it work? What do these projects look like?

ElectricCommander 5.0 and Beyond

Learn what’s new in ElectricCommander 5.0, and how this release enables horizontal scalability, high availability, and other enterprise-grade features to support large scale CI and CD processes.

Software is Everywhere

Software is everywhere and today’s leading web, enterprise IT, embedded, and mobile companies need to build, test and deploy software efficiently to avoid costly glitches and delays. Find out how we are putting the decision to release new software back in the hands of the business by powering agile and continuous delivery at scale.

AnthillPro Alternative: ElectricCommander

Join this webinar as we discuss common AHP use cases, key ElectricCommander differentiators, and how easy it was for a leading consumer brand to make the switch from AnthillPro to ElectricCommander.

From Commit to Consumer – Three Must Haves for Speedy Delivery

In this webinar you will learn about:

1) Accelerated, error-free builds2) Faster feedback3) Bulletproof and painless processes

The Business Case for Continuous Delivery

In this webinar, Kurt Bittner of Forrester Research, Principal Analyst serving Application Development and Delivery Professionals, will describe how leading organizations have gone about this analysis and how they are measuring their results.

Top 5 Ways to Accelerate the Delivery of a Secure “Internet of Things”

Join Klocwork and Electric Cloud as they discuss how to make your embedded software development more secure and more efficient. This is just a precursor to what they will talk about at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany the following week.

Overcoming 5 Embedded Continuous Delivery Obstacles

Learn how embedded software companies can achieve Continuous Delivery by overcoming 5 common obstacles.

Creating a Portable Software Productivity Stack at Huawei

Join this webinar to learn how Huawei Technologies, a multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company, integrated Electric Cloud’s solution with OpenStack’s cloud infrastructure to provide a DevOps cloud R&D environment.

Customer Story: Automating History File Usage for Fast Builds at Motorola

Join this webinar to learn how a team at Motorola manages and distributes history files to developers to maintain fast, efficient builds in Electric Cloud’s ElectricAccelerator. ElectricAccelerator generates and uses history files to track dependencies in builds and provide significant performance improvement in subsequent builds of the same source code.

Accelerating Continuous Delivery

Join this webinar to hear the discussion between Kurt Bittner, guest speaker and principal analyst from Forrester Research Inc., and Electric Cloud. We will present a Continuous Delivery Maturity Map that can help any organization assess their readiness for successful CD implementation.

Optimize Your Visual Studio Build Environment with ElectricAccelerator

Join us in this webinar to learn about:
-The new capabilities of the ElectricAccelerator-Visual Studio integration
-How to reap the benefits of this release in your existing build environment
-Upcoming product benefits

The Cloud Behind the Connected Car: Pioneering Cloud-Based Software Development

Join a special panel of experts from Panasonic, CloudOne and Electric Cloud who have collaborated with several automotive ecosystem partners to deliver a first-to-market cloud experience for software development.

Five Ways To Streamline Release Management

Join Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Jeffrey Hammond and Electric Cloud CTO Anders Wallgren as they discuss five specific ways to streamline your release management processes with an eye toward faster, more predictable delivery of world class software.

Accelerating Time to Market for Android Devices

Learn how the integrated Android Solution from Electric Cloud and Wind River accelerates your time to market by simplifying and automating the entire product development lifecycle from design through testing to compliance validation.

Taking Enterprise Continuous Integration to the Next Level

Join this webinar to learn how Perforce’s investment in replication technology will help sustain an enterprise build cloud with little impact on the rest of the system. Perforce’s 2012.1 release features a new replication behavior targeted at build cloud support, another step forward in Perforce’s federated architecture.

3 Steps to Automate Your Way to Agile

Join us to learn how to address the fundamental issues and recommendations you should consider as you adopt Agile:

1. Drivers for adopting Agile.

2. Critical organizational, process and tooling issues to consider and pitfalls to avoid.

3. Recommendations on how to do this right by automating your processes.

Accelerating the Software Delivery Process: Brocade’s 3-day Success Story

If increasing time to market with high quality products is important to your engineering organization, like it is at Brocade, don’t miss this informative session.

Brocade’s code has more than doubled in size as a normal part of business to deliver top-notch solutions. Their solutions are used in 90 of Global 1,000 data centers as well as in enterprise LANs.

MIPS Breaks Biggest Bottlenecks for Android Delivery Process

Do you use Android as your real-time operating system for your devices? Attend this technical presentation to learn how MIPS, a leader and innovator in the RISC processors, accelerated their Android testing processes to speed up time to market without sacrificing quality.

Electric Cloud and Opscode Chef: The PB&J of DevOps

Join this webinar to learn how the integrated Opscode Chef and Electric Cloud solution automates the end-to-end application delivery process to:
• Provision and configure environments in a consistent manner
• Model and deploy multi-tier applications in a fail-safe way
• Manage the overall release process from Dev to Production

Getting More Out of your Development Testing

Join this webinar to hear from thought leaders at Electric Cloud and Parasoft on how your organization can get the most out of development testing. Learn what techniques are helpful, how they can be easily applied, and how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

Achieve Fail-Safe Application Deployments

Attend this webinar to learn how ElectricDeploy can help you:
-Perform run-time debugging & troubleshooting for hardening the deployment processes.
-Set acceptable success and failure deployment thresholds.
-Define recovery policies on failure, reducing the time to remediate failures.

Making Continuous Delivery and DevOps a Reality

Attend this webinar to learn how FamilySearch:

– Reduced its software “development-to-delivery” time from 1-3 months to 10 minutes.
– Automated its entire development cycle –from code commit to delivering software for over 30 applications.

A Deep Dive on DevOps and Application Deployments

Attend this webinar to join the discussion between guest speaker, principal analyst Glenn O’Donnell, from Forrester Research, Inc. and Ashish Kuthiala from Electric Cloud as they present:
•Current challenges in deploying applications.
•Sharing deployment best-practices between Dev and Ops.
•Solving deployment challenges with ElectricDeploy, a new Electric Cloud solution.

Three Essentials to DevOps in a Hybrid Cloud

To accelerate , enterprise-grade software delivery, Dev and IT teams need a fully integrated solution that delivers just-in-time infrastructure in support of Agile dev-test-deploy needs. Join thought leaders from VMware and Electric Cloud to learn about 3 essentials for delivering on the promise of DevOps and Agile.

Empowering your Software Testing Organization with Innovation

Zero tolerance for errors – this is the new reality for software quality. To protect your brand, your software must work flawlessly. Join Theresa Lanowitz, founder of analyst firm voke, Inc. and Jim McMahon of Electric Cloud as they discuss innovation and automation in the testing market.

The Need for Speed: Developing and Delivering Software in an Agile Environment

Join this webinar to learn first-hand from featured guest, the independent research firm, Forrester Research, Inc., and the market-leading Agile-enabler, Electric Cloud, on how you can enable the speed you need to develop and deliver software in an Agile Business Environment.

The Hidden Cost of Open Source Application Delivery Automation

Join our webinar to learn about the hidden costs of open source tools and how Electric Cloud’s ElectricCommander provides the enterprise-level solution you need for success.

CERN Scales their Complex Software Ecosystem with Automation

Please join us to hear how CERN implemented Electric Cloud’s scalable automation solution to build and test their complex software applications to improve their code quality and increase their release frequency.

Five Reasons Why Agile Won’t Scale Without Automation

What does it take to implement the Agile methodology effectively?

The Agile software development methodology is composed of a number of techniques designed to help deliver incremental releases of high-quality software more quickly than ever before.

Making Continuous Integration Truly Continuous (Wind River & Electric Cloud)

Continuous integration (CI) is one of the core best practices of agile development. It is intended to support the agile development precept to “deliver working software frequently” by allowing teams to regularly validate their code changes. But achieving the benefits of CI is often hampered by the need to commit changes to the code base before they can be fully tested.

DevOps: From Concepts to Practical Applications

Today, software innovation is shifting from not just writing the code but also to delivering it to customers with fast time-to-market and with high quality. Rooted in agile development methodology, DevOps promises to deliver applications quickly and to improve the coordination between development and production activities.

To Continuous Delivery and Beyond

Watch Tanay Nagjee at Spark 2013 speak about Continuously Delivery and Beyond.