Featuring Glenn O'Donnell, principal analyst from Forrester Research, Inc.

A Deep Dive on DevOps and Application Deployments

Businesses are trying to deliver web applications to their customers faster by increased adoption of Agile practices. However, applications are inherently complex and deploying them is even more complex.

A single application release leads to several deployments across Development, QA, Staging and Production. In the last mile, production deployments remain the key hurdle due to the disconnect between the Dev and Ops teams.

In this webinar, guest speaker, principal analyst Glenn O’Donnell, from Forrester Research, Inc. and Ashish Kuthiala from Electric Cloud discuss:

  • Current challenges in deploying applications.
  • Sharing deployment best-practices between Dev and Ops.
  • Improving deployment consistency and repeatability.
  • Refining development processes to reduce errors.
  • Solving deployment challenges with ElectricDeploy, a new Electric Cloud solution.

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