Bridging The Gap Between Dev and Ops

Featuring Gene Kim and Anders Wallgren

Getting quality software into production quickly and efficiently is a major priority for organizations of all types. Yet many find that development teams’ focus on “innovation and experimentation” conflicts with Ops’ mandate to mitigate risk and increase predictability. This cultural and organizational mismatch puts transformation success at risk, and generates a constant state of “release anxiety.”

Join Gene Kim, Electric Cloud advisor, researcher and co-author of several DevOps books, including the “Phoenix Project,” and Anders Wallgren, Electric Cloud CTO, as they share top lessons learned from large organizations and concrete tips for bridging the gap between Dev and Ops. Learn how you can increase delivery velocity, while also improving quality, security and auditability at large-scale organizations.

During this discussion, you will learn:

  • The hidden downside of “two-pizza teams”
  • Patterns for embracing shared automation and metrics to facilitate collaboration between Biz, Dev and Ops
  • Best practices for self-service pipelines to enable Devs and Ops to move faster and easily adopt new technology
  • Patterns for incorporating InfoSec into DevOps
  • And more


Webinar: Bridging the Gap Between Dev and Ops

Watch the Webinar

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