Continuous Compliance and DevSecOps in Times of GDPR, HIPAA and SOX

Developers, operators, and corporate executives all agree that compliance with security and regulatory requirements is critical, but many find that enforcing security through manual scans and “best efforts” at the end of the cycle wastes staff time and adds days or weeks to the release schedule. Once the required environments are built, tested, and certified, today’s customer-centric product owners are already longing to push out the next set of changes, absorbing even more of IT Operations’ time to scramble for security and compliance solutions.

Join this upcoming webinar with Torsten Volk (EMA managing research director) and Anders Wallgren (CTO, Electric Cloud) as they share research and best practices on breaking through the feature backlog by making security the path of least resistance for your software delivery process.

Join this informative and practical webinar to learn:

  • What a state of continuous DevSecOps looks like
  • The specific challenges that need to be solved first
  • The key metrics that show you’re doing it right
  • How modern tools like containers and AI/ML fit into the equation
  • Some real-world, hair-raising worst practices to avoid

Continuous Compliance and DevSecOps in Times of GDPR, HIPAA and SOX

Watch the Webinar

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