Continuous Dockery: Integrate Docker as Part of your Continuous Delivery Pipeline

To win in the market requires a smooth flow of valuable software (from “ah-ha” to “cha-ching”) in a way that is more efficient than the competition.

Container technology like Rocket or Docker promises to provide version-able, environment-independent application services in a snap. However, the tasks and tools involved in creating, validating, promoting and delivering Docker containers into production environments are many, complex and time-consuming.

Discover how to successfully incorporate Docker as part of your end-to-end Continuous Delivery pipeline. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How you can tie together all of your existing tools to repeatedly deploy high quality applications using Docker
  • Common use cases and patterns for incorporating Docker in your software delivery pipeline
  • How you can eliminate confusion and ensure auditability by centrally managing multiple containers across environments
  • How to enable tracking and and reporting on container build, test and runtime stats
  • How to accelerate lead time and feedback loops by crushing build and test times by up to 60X


A solution demo will be provided.



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