Dashboards for DevOps: Measuring the Metrics that Matter

What metrics matter to you and your team to monitor their efficiency and effectiveness to deliver software?  And are these the same metrics that matter to other teams you work with?

Join DevOps.com’s Editor-in-Chief Alan Shimel, Brian Price, VP at Stratus Solutions, David Page Program Manager & Senior Engineer at Stratus Solutions and Sam Fell from Electric Cloud as they discuss tactics used to highlight the information teams need to track their deliveries and pipelines and keep them running efficiently, while providing relevant insight across the entire development environment.

Learn how easy it is to expose metrics that allow teams to:

  • Predict production release and deployment success rates leveraging CI/CD metrics from Electric Flow
  • Empower Ops teams and give them more confidence in application updates by providing shared visibility of the end-to-end deployment pipeline
  • Troubleshoot and optimize the end-to-end DevOps pipeline with a consolidated view to identify potential bottlenecks

Watch the Webinar

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