From DOES 2014: DevOps in the Telco Enterprise:
Legacy Code, Regulations and Automating Everything
(Talk by CenturyLink)


This talk was given at the 2014 DevOps Enterprise Summit (#DOES14) 

Almost automated to fully automated – what kind of special sauce do we need to get us to our goal of a repeatable software delivery?

In this talk, Dominic Faraone from CenturyLink shares the company’s journey to CD, while supporting extremely heavy legacy systems, strict regulatory requirements, and aggressive SLAs.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How CenturyLink transformed the build/test/installation/deployment from a process with many manual steps to a trigger-based automated process.
  • How to identify parts of an existing process that need to be remodeled and which parts can be wrapped and preserved?
  • What are some of the common challenges implementing DevOps in an existing enterprise.
  • How to incorporate new technologies into your existing automation?
  • How to use Workflows that enable you to address errors and “fallout” while adding new SCM & deployment platforms.


Watch the Webinar

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