From DOES 2014: Vision Versus Execution – Implementing Continuous Delivery (Talk by Urban Science)


This talk was given at the 2014 DevOps Enterprise Summit (#DOES14) 

Urban Science is a business-solutions company focused on supporting the needs of the sales and marketing function of the automotive industry.

Urban Science’s solution delivery challenges stems from having dozens of products branched dozens of times. Deployments were completely manual, prone to error, hard to schedule, and not truly repeatable. Urban science had a vision to “Automate everything”. Their plan was to first target the hardest to perform manual deployments along with newest projects. Last to automate were deployments that were already mature, established and repetitious.

Learn about Urban Science’s journey to “Automating Everything” on their path to Continuous Delivery.

In this talk, you will learn:

  • How to Switch from a pull model to a push model, eliminating reserve time that could not be used.
  • How to eliminate deployments being cancelled due to resource constraints
  • How to support more deployments
  • How to increase the quality of work for people involved in deployments.
  • How to save 1700+ resource hours a year
  • How to achieve ROI on automation in less than two months


Watch the Webinar

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