Every Business is a Software Business

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Software is Everywhere

Software is everywhere and today’s leading web, enterprise IT, embedded, and mobile companies need to build, test and deploy software efficiently to avoid costly glitches and delays. Electric Cloud is putting the decision to release new software back in the hands of the business by powering agile and continuous delivery at scale.

Every Business is a Software Business

At Electric Cloud we believe that every business is a software business – or needs to become one in a hurry and that’s why we are powering Continuous Delivery with a unique combination of automation and acceleration technology. Find out how we help organizations develop mobile, embedded systems and enterprise web/IT applications by automating and accelerating build, test, and deployment processes at scale.

Continuous Delivery is a team sport

The Continuous Delivery global thought leader network includes industry’s most eminent Continuous Delivery and DevOps thinkers, including Jez Humble, Gary Gruver and Gene Kim. Electric Cloud is partnering with these thought leaders as well as leading software and service providers such as Rally Software, Perforce, Parasoft, Chef, AppDynamics, Wind River and Siemens PLM to facilitate the adoption of Continuous Delivery into the Enterprise.

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