From Commit to Consumer: Three Must Haves for Speedy Delivery

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  1. Accelerate error-free builds
    Agile development creates more frequent builds. A Continuous Delivery platform that optimizes and parallalizes large builds across hundreds or thousands of Cores is good. A solution that automatically detects dependencies to eliminate broken build is even better.
  2. Provide faster feedback
    You shouldn’t have to wait until builds or tests are 100 complete before receiving feedback. A Continuous Delivery platform that allows real-time drill-down into warnings and errors as they occur eliminates wasted time and CPU cycles.
  3. Design processes that are bulletproof and painless
    Continuous Delivery isn’t continuous if jobs are lost in-flight when a CI server goes down, or when you waste days provisioning QA machines, or when deployments fail because of configuration drifts between QA and Production. A Continuous Delivery platform should automate and normalize the Build, Test and Deploy process across ANY environment (cloud, private or hybrid) with 1-click simplicity.


Watch the Webinar

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