Getting to Cloud Nine

Container, Cloud and Serverless Migration Strategies

The cloud has become essential to digital transformation by delivering on the promise of limitless scalability and instant availability, at a considerable cost savings.

Modern operations teams are balancing full workloads and demands to support a wide variety of application architectures, software delivery cadences, and execution venues. Reaching ‘Cloud Nine’ can seem daunting when faced with

  • Monoliths and microservices
  • Continuous Delivery vs. Release Trains
  • Private/Public cloud, containers, serverless

John Willis (Electric Cloud advisor and co-author of The DevOps Handbook) and Anders Wallgren (CTO, Electric Cloud) will discuss strategies to streamline your application delivery processes to enable and even encourage, upstream experimentation with cloud and cloud-native technologies.

Webinar: Getting to Cloud Nine with John Willis

Watch the Webinar

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