Anders Wallgren, CTO for Electric Cloud, and Ido Sarig, VP of Marketing for Wind River

Making Continuous Integration Truly Continuous

Continuous integration (CI) is one of the core best practices of agile development. It is intended to support the agile development precept to “deliver working software frequently” by allowing teams to regularly validate their code changes. But achieving the benefits of CI is often hampered by the need to commit changes to the code base before they can be fully tested. This reactive approach results in broken builds, builds that do not pass system or smoke tests, and, inevitably, wasted time by the individual developer or the team at large.

Join Wind River and Electric Cloud as we discuss the concept of “preflight operations”—giving developers the ability to fully build and test their changes before committing them to the source code repository.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to reap the full benefits of CI and Agile development by employing “preflight operations”
  • How the build a system in isolation, ensuring your changes won’t break other concurrent changes
  • How to minimize build times, by running parallel builds and optimizing checkout times
  • How to minimize test cycles by avoiding irrelevant tests



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