From Monolith to Microservices- and Beyond!

Software application development and delivery often involves multiple development, infrastructure and operations teams, each with their own preferred “tools of the trade” for building, testing and deploying code changes. For years, virtualization and cloud technologies have provided agile, on-demand infrastructure. The advent of Microservices promises even more agility– but what is required to take advantage of Microservices?

Join Electric Cloud CTO Anders Wallgren and Trace3 Principal Consultant – DevOps Marc Hornbeek as they discussed what was required to:

  • Overcome culture and architecture challenges created when decomposing monolithic applications into Microservices-based applications.
  • Coordinate integration, testing, monitoring, packaging, release approval and deployment of Microservices-based applications over elastic infrastructures
  • Create a controlled and auditable delivery pipeline to support Microservices-based application.
  • Prepare for “future” applications, pipelines and patterns.

Watch the Webinar

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