Automate deployments so Ops teams can keep up with the pace of Agile delivery

Iterate and integrate often. Time is money. Requirements are always shifting. Agility is hard to achieve if your builds and tests take a long time or are not automated. Nimble, iterative, and incremental sprints get bogged down without a solid process automation framework in place. Organizations want to automate provisioning, build and release activities and handoffs to eliminate manual errors and wait times, shrinks cycle times and accelerate the feedback loop.
Electric Cloud can help.


Before Electric Cloud

  • Icon Slow builds and tests, combined with broken builds, leads to wasted time and effort.
  • Icon Build infrastructure is often underutilized, and worse, not available during peak demand.
  • Icon Complex, error-prone manual processes introduce risk and unpredictability, and divert attention away from coding.
  • Icon Every team has their own non-standard non-compliant and standalone build processes.
  • Icon Teams run their own build infrastructure means there is low utilization and no sharing of expensive hardware resources.
  • Icon Every team needs a resident expert on each particular tool used in the Agile toolchain.

With Electric Cloud

  • Icon Fast, accurate builds and tests accelerate the CI process and eliminate the need for “hot-fix by-passes” and re-work (ElectricAccelerator)
  • Icon A centralized build infrastructure optimally shares resources and ensures that builds are consistent for all teams (developers, testers, QA, production).
  • Icon Automated processes eliminate errors and manual handoffs, delivering feedback faster.
  • Icon Centralized, secure control of the build environment and allows standardized configuration and best-practice process definitions.
  • Icon ElectricFlow allows resource pooling to provide scale-out access to keep utilization high and costs low.
  • Icon ElectricFlow provides a single Agile automation process integrating hundreds of different Agile tools.

Learn how ElectricFlow enables Ops to keep up with the pace of Agile development- so you can release code updates faster, and safer

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