Compliance and Audit

Centralized, secure automation ensures traceability and compliance for environments, apps and workflows

There are good reasons why organizations in regulated industries have rigorous requirements around security and process fidelity. Sometimes solving these requirements means heavy manual processes and checklists and onerous security measures, which are often ignored in order to “get stuff done.” What organizations want is a way to build compliance, auditability and security into painless processes.
Electric Cloud can help.

Compliance and Audit

Before Electric Cloud

  • Icon Time-consuming red tape and onerous process requirements, check-lists and approvals slow down the pace of innovation.
  • Icon Manual, error-prone work means problems can occur anywhere in the process.
  • Icon Processes and sign-offs may get skipped to speed things up prior to a release.
  • Icon When an audit occurs, days of data collection and collation is required.

With Electric Cloud

  • Icon ElectricFlow maps to your existing workflows and allows entitled users to securely run any process with optional manual approval gates.
  • Icon End-to-end automation quickly moves work through the pipeline in a predictable and transparent manner.
  • Icon Secure, locked down and automated processes mean that 1) skipping things is not possible and 2) it probably wouldn’t speed things up much, anyway
  • Icon Immediate access to the history and flow of any release candidate through every step can show who did what, when, where, and how.

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