Deployment Automation

Deploy ANY application to ANY Environment at ANY scale or pace

Deployment Automation

Consistently deploying applications into standardized environments is one of the best ways to achieve application rollout success, but most teams still rely on hard-coded scripts and manual instructions. App Support and Ops teams want to eliminate manual and error-prone deployment processes to achieve the velocity needed to deliver any software into any environment – especially into production, where value is created. Electric Cloud can help.

Deploy at Any Scale, Consistently with ElectricFlow

Eliminates downtime and rework while ensuring the consistency, quality, and auditability of software deployments across all environments

Microservices and Container Orchestration

Build, deploy and track microservices releases across any container runtime environments at the touch of a button.

Advanced Deployment Strategies

Out of the box support for Rolling, Blue/Green, and Canary deployments allows zero downtime with no heavy scripting or configuration.

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DevOps Insight

Built on ElasticSearch and LogStash and delivered as a tightly integrated stand-alone Business Intelligence (BI) server, DevOps Insight automatically pulls key metrics from your toolchain and displays them in an out-of-the-box Release Command Center dashboard in a consolidated, easy-to-interpret, release-oriented view.

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Automation at Any Scale

Orchestrate commit and release pipelines at enterprise scale by automating manual tasks to eliminate risk, boost productivity and lower costs with predictability and auditability.

Self-Service Catalog

Provide DevOps orchestration and automation intuitively to end users through a curated library of content and templates to help get them to value, faster.

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Process as Code

Use our built-in CLI, REST APIs, or our  Groovy-based domain specific language (DSL) to define pipelines and automation processes as high-level code that is easy to version, test, reuse, refactor, and visualize.

Enterprise Security and Compliance

Role-based access control, automatic or manual approvals and detailed logging ensures security, visibility and compliance for governance and auditability.

Environment Reservations and Calendaring

Ensure teams have safe, shared access to resources with built-in support for reservations, calendaring and blackout/maintenance windows.

Automated Rollback

Eliminate the need to create complex rollback scripts by maintaining environment inventory and tracking processes and artifact versions as part of each deployment.

ElectricFlow enables consistent, reliable automated deployments

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