DevOps Foresight

The Future of Continuous Delivery

DevOps Foresight

The goal of Adaptive Release Orchestration is to make releases repeatable by eliminating manual steps and automating as much of the pipeline as possible.  The next step in continuous improvement is to know the risk of a particular release beforehand, similar to a credit score, and understand exactly where and why changes can be made to improve releases.  ElectricFlow DevOps Foresight can help.

ElectricFlow’s DevOps Foresight identifies patterns using deep analytics of historical data from your tool chain, predicts the future risk of releases using those patterns and shows how to reduce that risk.

Pattern Identification

Deep analytics on tool chain historical data identifies patterns in the current release or project and over time

Risk Scores by Release

Uses patterns discovered by author, code base and build level to determine risk score

Risk Provenance

Complete details of development team or code complexity influence on the overall risk score.

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