Make Security the Path of Least Resistance


Security and QA is everyone’s responsibility, not an afterthought or separate process. Organizations need to “shift security left” by including security and compliance controls as an integral part of the DevOps processes that manage the code being developed all the way through to Production.  Electric Cloud can help.

Shift Security Left

Accelerate releases by detecting and remediating problems before they get into production with reusable Security and Compliance pipelines designed to work across teams, applications and environments.


Test Orchestration and Automation

Plug-in any point tools, tests, and libraries to enable consistent security checks from Build through to Production.

Approval Gates for Builds

Share visibility and control with manual or automated approval gates that speed releases through the pipeline and fail the build at any point if problems are detected.

Secure Your Pipelines

Fine-grained ACLs and RBAC (role based access controls) ensure pipelines and other objects can only be changed by entitled users. Automatic versioning and logging makes pipeline changes visible and auditable.

Guaranteed Integrity

Identify vulnerabilities and bypassed processes with automatic anomaly/drift detection to ensure environment and process compliance.

Faster Response

Accelerate incident response time and security patching across hybrid environments, containers, and microservices, with 360° view of exposure radius and release progress.

Secure Pipelines as a Service

Create and share secure pipelines in a self-service catalog so all users and applications stay compliant.

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Need More Speed?

ElectricAccelerator shifts security into high gear by dramatically accelerating critical security tests to shorten cycle times, catch problems earlier, and remove bottlenecks.

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