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Accelerating Automotive Software Delivery

The Electric Cloud automotive solution delivers fast software builds, fast comprehensive testing, orchestration of various build and test tools, enterprise-grade scalability and security for geographically separated teams, and visibility and real-time filtered data to address compliance and standards audits.

Put software delivery into high gear

The Automotive industry is getting hit by a tsunami of software requirements causing it to shift their focus from components or parts supply chain into software and services supply chain. Cars are becoming service delivery mechanisms similar to smart phones.

Manage software development complexity

How can I become more agile and manage expanding software requirements?

Increase software quality and time to market

How can I increase quality?

Ensure software compliance

How can I keep up with compliance requirements?

Continuous Delivery Delivers for the Automotive Industry

Today, cars are run by software.

Two of the big-three US automakers and three tier-1 global automotive suppliers use Electric Cloud’s solutions to accelerate the delivery and improve quality of various components that go into our cars – such as power trains, transmissions, lighting, instrumentation, and infotainment software. automotive-benefits-from-continuous-delivery


Get blindingly fast software builds and tests with ElectricAccelerator, and orchestrate end-to-end software pipelines, tools, and infrastructure with ElectricFlow. Electric Cloud delivers enterprise-grade scalability and security for geographically separated teams, along with visibility and real-time filtered data to address compliance and standards audits.

Accelerate build and test times to shorten cycles and reduce recalls

Dramatically shorten lead-times for software builds and tests to gain increased quality assurance cycles before release. Ensure you have enough time to burn down the bug list, and develop the next key differentiating feature.

End-to-end Visibility and Compliance

Gain 100 visibility across the entire build-test-release process and gain a single pane of glass to view all parts of the software development process. This allows you to generate reports to prove compliance more easily. This extends to many standards, including ISO26262, JSF, MISRA, SPICE, and DO-178.

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Accelerating Automotive Software Delivery

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