Deliver Mobile Devices Faster

Faster delivery. Zero errors. 100 visibility.

What will the next generation of your Android, Windows Mobile, Tizen or other smartphone platform deliver? New features? Faster chips? Longer battery life?

Software makes all of those things possible, and Electric Cloud helps industry leaders deliver better mobile software faster.

Making Mobile. Faster.

The average release cycle for mobile device is drifting below 2 months.  What challenges do you face when trying to keep up with the relentless pace of innovation?

Accelerate Builds

Long build and test times.

Support complex software toolchain

Large matrix of device variants.

DevOps Automation for HW and SW integration

Hardware and software integration.

Get blindingly fast software builds and tests with ElectricAccelerator, and orchestrate end-to-end software pipelines, tools, and infrastructure with ElectricFlow. Electric Cloud delivers enterprise-grade scalability and security for geographically separated teams, along with visibility and real-time filtered data to address compliance and standards audits.

ElectricAccelerator   |   ElectricFlow

Integrated software delivery solutions give Android device manufacturers a distinct competitive advantage. - Christopher Rommel, Vice President of M2M & Embedded Technology, VDC Research

Parallel Build-Test-Release Cycles

Accelerate the build-test-release cycle across multiple versions of Android with in-built parallelization across Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) and platforms (devices, emulators, or both).

ElectricAccelerator   |   CI at Scale with ElectricFlow

End-to-end Visibility and Compliance

Gain 100 visibility across the entire build-test-release process with a single pane of glass to view all parts of the software development process. This allows you to generate reports to prove compliance more easily. This extends to many standards, including ISO26262, JSF, MISRA, SPICE, and DO-178.

Compliance and Visibility with ElectricFlow

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