Release Orchestration for Financial Services

“We want releases to be boring.”
– CIO, Fortune 500 Financial Services firm

Financial services organizations, like every other sector, are facing huge competitive pressures and are making big bets on DevOps practices as the foundation of their digital transformation, yet many challenges remain.

ElectricFlow helps some of the largest financial services organizations release on business demand – without anxiety.



Despite the rapid adoption of DevOps practices, the financial services industry still faces significant regulatory, operational and scale challenges unique to the sector.


How do I assure separation of duties and access controls without stifling innovation?


How can I safely support experimentation and adoption of new technology, while also incorporating legacy and hybrid technology into our release trains and processes?


How can I scale across geographies, teams, applications and environments - and still get the velocity and reliability I’m expecting?


How do I see and manage our multiple, interdependent release trains?

“In the Finance industry, there is a natural tendency for Process, Governance and Operations to put processes in place to address issues, and they never prune processes, just layer them on to what’s already there. Eventually you have processes and steps that meant well, but really just slow down delivery and fulfillment. You end up with steps that are no longer useful and simply add waste to the system. Processes should be regularly examined to Lean them out and put in new automation where possible.”

– Chris Nowak, Financial Services DevOps Consultant


Electric Cloud has developed this blueprint for confidently releasing applications on business demand.

Model and Automate Everything

Application, pipeline, and environment models abstract the Who, What and How of application delivery to promote the reuse of well-rehearsed work across toolchains or environments.

Provide Environments and Automation as a Service

Self-service catalogs of standard pipeline and environment components eliminates time spent re-creating the same pipeline for releases, new applications, or new environments.

Adopt new technologies safely

A non-prescriptive, flexible model-based approach makes experimentation safe and auditable.

Monitor and track releases

360° visibility into everything: release status, success rates, bottlenecks, dependencies, environments, deployments, and all associated point tools.

Build in security and compliance

Reusable, pre-built Security and Compliance pipelines are designed to work across teams, applications, and environments to make security and quality everyone’s responsibility.

Electric Cloud’s definition of DevOps success:

“You’ll know you’re ‘doing DevOps right’ when your organization can confidently release new applications and safely adapt to change at any speed demanded by the business, with the analytics and insight to measure and improve your results.”

ElectricFlow is the foundation for DevOps success at financial services organizations. It eliminates release anxiety by making the process of delivering software consistent, repeatable, and auditable.

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