ElectricFlow for Mainframe

Include your mainframe in your digital transformation efforts

ElectricFlow for Mainframe

Orchestrate the entire pipeline with more confidence

Digital Transformation does not only apply to distributed systems or cloud. For many large organizations, the mainframe remains an integral component of their corporate strategy and business operations. The mainframe is the home for enterprise Systems of Record – those applications and data stores that run the business and MUST be accurate.

For these organizations, digital transformation means including the mainframe in the pipeline by continuing and expanding automation. It’s about the need for orchestration across ALL environments. It’s about governance and visibility. It’s about the need for higher confidence and lower risk – not just speed. Electric Cloud can help.

Eliminate toolchain and cultural silos

Applications are complex, consisting of mobile, distributed, cloud, microservices, and mainframe, often all at the same time. Yet, tool, cultural, and visibility silos and differences exist. While there have been many recent advances in mainframe technology, like SCCM, static code analysis, test automation and IDEs, they remain a different tool chain. Executives want visibility and coordination – and to leverage existing mainframe scripts as well as newer constructs – and can’t afford to NOT have their mainframes part of digital transformation efforts.

Do More with ElectricFlow

Electric Flow goes beyond automating a few simple tasks to provide significant automation capabilities against any entity, series of commands, or interactions before deployment.

Release coordination across the entire pipeline, toolchain and all environments, from mobile to mainframe

Full visibility and control of the pipeline to easily support audit and compliance requirements

Execute system-level automation actions on z/OS directly, including JCL code and REXX

Deploy applications to WebSphere and DB2 running on Mainframe

Compuware ISPW integration to control the lifecycle of Mainframe applications and extend DevOps practices to Mainframe releases and software updates.

Integration with Compuware Topaz suite to run static code analysis, unit testing and functional testing at the right time in the pipeline

Easily extend all the above to other Mainframe SCCM tools through DSL

Easy to Get Started

  1. Download the free Community Edition of ElectricFlow
  2. Download the right plug-ins for your pipeline
  3. Follow the built-in tutorials to define your first application, environment, and pipeline